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Back from the Channel Islands

October 7, 2012

Sorry for the late postings, but we are still in the blog learning phase.  We enjoyed several days in Morro Bay, one of our favorite spots on the coast.  We were invited to cocktail hour at the local yacht club where we renewed friendships and made new ones.  When we slipped our mooring the next morning we saw that the Bertrum 50 tied to the club dock had burned.  The firemen were still on scene and we learned that no one was hurt and that other boats safely got off the dock.    So we continued on out the harbor and down the coast.  We slept through the whole thing!Image
Burned Berturm 50 at Morro Bay Yacht Club

We had a great sail around the infamous Point Conception and tucked into Coho, an open roadstead just around the point.  The next day we had another great sail out to San Miguel Island where Brian did some diving and we spent a restless night with lots of wind blowing down off the island.  The next morning we sailed to Santa Barbara to prepare for our guests; Justin, Joann, Caeden, and Rob Wolf (Joann’s father).  They arrived at 1:00 AM Friday and caught a few hours sleep before doing some last minute provisioning and heading back out to San Miguel.  Surprising that we didn’t learn our lesson about the wind because it blew continuously for the two nights we spent there.  The second night had winds in the 40 mph range and we chaffed through our anchor bridle.  The only person that slept well was Caeden who woke up early and wanted to play.

Chaffed anchor gear in the morning at San Miguel

We moved to Santa Rosa Island and dived several spots.  The back side of the islands were receiving southerly swell from a hurricane in Mexico so we moved to the front side of Santa Cruz Island where the anchorages are calm and there’s lots to see.  We visited the Painted Cave and did night dives at two of our favorite spots; Cueva Valdaz and Fry’s Harbor.  We spent our last night back on the south side of Santa Cruz hoping to catch the elusive “toad” (aka huge lobster).
Lobster on the menu

Company in Fry’s Harbor

Grandpa Wolf & Caeden filling tanks

Sandie and Caeden making music with rocks on the beach

Joann’s first night dive

Evening dice games seemed rigged in favor of the women!

We took a real beating the next morning as we headed into the wind for 10 miles before we could set sail and head for Santa Barbara.  Everyone was holding on for dear life except for Caeden who played through the entire ordeal.  We arrived in Santa Barbara mid-afternoon and said a tearful good bye to our guests.  We enjoyed their company immensely and are sad that it will be a year before we see them again.

We are just completing provisioning and plan to spend the next week or two back out at the Channel Islands.  We don’t have any particular plans except to catch up on some boat chores and reading.  Rob got Brian excited about free diving for White Sea bass so that is definitely on the agenda.  The 26 year old dive compressor is having problems and is being sent east for a rebuild.  Thanks to Justin we were able to keep it working to get us through the trip.


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  1. permalink

    Well we’re in Hawaii for a week of 14 racing in warmer water than you’re in. But don’t forget us when you get to warmer water.
    The America’s Cup stuff was quite boring and really only exciting if you’re close (only briefly) or watching it on TV. All hype.
    Keep enjoying life.
    Alan + Eileen

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  2. Moses permalink

    What a beautiful family and wonderful experience diving at night. It takes a brave heart to do such. Please more pics, I am loving it.

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