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We’re in Dana Point…

October 28, 2012

We arrived in Dana Point on Friday, Oct 26, after a light wind sail down from Long Beach. We continue to be impressed at how well Persephone performs in light winds and can only imagine how that will translate into shorter passages in the future.

We ended up spending four nights at the Isthmus on Santa Catalina and enjoyed the Cruiser’s Weekend festivities.  We were joined by friends we had met at Santa Barbara Island and we met a lot of new friends.  There were seminars during the day with eating and drinking in the evenings.  Fortunately, we had no pressing engagements in the mornings!

The moorings started filling up on Friday as boats came in from the mainland for Cruiser’s Weekend.  They began leaving Sunday morning to get back to their jobs and we nearly had the place to ourselves by mid-afternoon.  We became hooked on the Giants playoff run when we caught game 5 against STL and have been diehard fans ever since.

We had a warm comfortable broad reach sail from Catalina to Long Beach.  There were no slips available because docks were being rebuilt in Alamitos Bay. We were fortunate that our friend Holly was able to get us into the Long Beach Yacht Club.  The Yacht Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious with a beautiful facility.  It was a great place to meet up with family and friends, including Brian’s sister Beverley, the Boeing group that Brian worked with, Ann and Mike whom we had met on Catalina, and Alicia Bryant who was only 6 months old when we started buddy-boating with her and her family aboard Sunshine in 1986.

Alamitos Bay (Long Beach) is a great place for boaters.  There is a West Marine within walking distance and the shopping mall even has a dinghy dock.  We were tempted to stay longer, but the mornings are getting cooler and we know we should be moving south.

We expected strong winds as we left Long Beach because the Santa Anna winds were blowing in the canyons with high wind warnings.  But we saw none of it and never even saw a white cap.  We arrived in Dana Point with a gentle warm offshore breeze.  That night we were met by Debbie and Josh and enjoyed dinner at one of the harbor restaurants. Last night we were lucky to find the Giant’s game on TV and enjoyed a quiet evening at home.

We plan to leave for San Diego Monday morning where we will do our final (ha, ha) boat projects and provisioning before heading for Mexico.













Cruiser’s Weekend at the Isthmus on Catalina.













Catching up with friends met at Santa Barbara Island.













Watching game 5 Giants vs. STL













The Isthmus empties out after a busy weekend.













The struggle with Crosswords continues on the sail to the mainland.














Lovely Long Beach Yacht Club.













Alicia Bryant grew up in the 23 years since we last saw her in Pago Pago.













Light winds on the trip to Dana Point.













A uninvited guest while sailing.


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  1. Curious if long beach and san pedro harbor are the same? I grew up down there and remember it being a really nice place. Are you wintering in mexico or will you keep moving? We’ll be in Cabo this february.

  2. Dave Wong permalink

    The bird just wanted some beer. C’mon Brian, you can spare a bottle or 2.

  3. Dave Wong permalink

    Ya know, all your catching yo with friends seems to be at the bar.

  4. Debbie permalink

    It was great to meet you at Santa Barbara Island, party with you at the Isthmus and then visit with you in Dana Point!! I have saved your blog/website as a ‘Favorite’ and look forward to ‘cruising’ with you via your blog. Better yet, I hope we get to visit with you, again during your travels 🙂 Have a great time in San Diego and, if we can help with anything, just let us know! Best wishes and happy travels! Debbie and Josh

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