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San Diego, our last US port…

November 7, 2012

We are anchored in the “A9” anchorage in San Diego Bay (lat 32 43.506N, long 117 11.136W) which is designated for transients only; no local  boats.  This is great because all of our neighbors are cruisers headed south and we have lots to talk about.  Unfortunately, we are situated between the commercial airport, the Naval Air Station, and the Coast Guard helicopter pad with the train station within ear shot, so it gets a bit noisy.  However, it has a great view of the downtown sky line with great sunsets.

We left Dana Point after a wonderful 3-day stay and where we were visited by Halloween ghouls on paddle boards.  The wind was light and we tried the spinnaker but eventually had to start the “iron genny” and motor to Oceanside.  We had originally planned to skip this port, but we were killing time waiting for the Baja-ha-ha flotilla to vacate San Diego and it made for short hops.  We arrived early enough to explore and visit the beach.  We spent the evening at a sports bar enjoying the 49ers win on Monday Night Football.

TV is rather interesting.  We must reprogram our TVs each time we move so we can receive the local channels.  By the time we learn where the channels are it’s time to leave.  Bev loaned us the first season of Homeland which keeps us up late each night.  Yes, we are hooked!

As we passed Camp Pendleton north of Oceanside we found ourselves surrounded by SWIFT Intruder boats that were in the middle of an exercise.  There were no navigational closings and they didn’t seem to mind us being there, so we enjoyed the show.

San Diego is a great place for last minute boat projects.  Downwind Marine, which had just started when we were here in 1986, is still a vital part of the cruising scene.  On Saturday they hosted a BBQ at the store for cruisers.  It was a great opportunity to meet others headed south and beyond.  Plus, Downwind had a storewide sale and we all took advantage.  You couldn’t find a nicer group of people to give your money to.

We have been busy preparing to leave the US.  The dive compressor sent back to Virginia for repairs was not salvageable so a new one is being delivered today.  Brian has signed up for Social Security and Sandie for Medicare so we are officially seniors.  We are still waiting for the machine shop to fabricate hawser pipe inserts that will hopefully prevent the chaffing we experienced at San Miguel Island and an essential item for deploying our parachute storm anchor.

Yesterday we took a break and went to Sea World.  The weather was great (as always here) and we enjoyed the outdoor shows.  We didn’t get back to the dinghy dock until after dark and the fog had set in.  We had an eerie ride to the anchorage and had to find Persephone among the dark shapes of anchored boats.  But all was good.

We have been in San Diego a week now and we are starting to get restless.  Other boats are leaving for Mexico and we wish we could be with them.  That’s when we will really be cruising.  We miss everyone and enjoy the pictures and texts we receive, especially of our grandson Caeden.

Ghouls on Paddle Boards in Dana Point.














SWIFT Intruders Surround Us.














Downwind Marine Hosts a BBQ for Cruisers














An Aging “Stars and Stripes” on the Bay














The USS Midway as seen from the dinghy.














Sunset from the cockpit.














View of San Diego from the cockpit.














Another cruiser in a foggy anchorage.















Shamu and friends at Sea World.














Fatal attraction to the Beluga Whale.



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  1. Thanks for posting guys! This is much faster than waiting for a VHS tape in the mail. Sounds like you’re off to a great start. Looking forward to the next blog! – Kris

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