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Singapore & Malaysia

December 3, 2015

We finished up the Indonesian rally with a gala dinner dance in Tanjung Pinang. The next morning we started the extremely frustrating checkout procedure for leaving Indonesia which lasted a day-and-a-half. Then we quickly raised anchor in the middle of a rain storm, ushering in the rainy monsoon season, and headed for Singapore. That evening we anchored on the south side of the Singapore Strait with the city lights visible in the distance.

The Singapore Strait is the busiest shipping lane in the world with as many as 3000 ships a day transiting the narrow 2 mile wide channel. Crossing it is a little like standing on the side of a freeway looking for an opportunity to run across. We chose wisely and survived just fine. We anchored in the Singapore quarantine anchorage until we were cleared by immigration and then checked into the OneDegree15 Marina (named for its latitude) on Sentosa Is.

Singapore is a very rich island-nation with all the creature comforts we associate with the United States. We spent lazy afternoons lying by the infinity pool at the marina while our life raft was undergoing its 3-year servicing. One day was spent at the world famous Singapore Zoo where we watched white rhinos running around and playing with each other and white tigers teasing each other in a lagoon while free-ranging orangutans swung on vines overhead. Another day was spent visiting the Gardens by the Bay with its huge air conditioned domes housing forests from around the world. Adjacent to the Gardens is the magnificent Marina Bay Sands Hotel with its three towers connected by a sky terrace.

By now the monsoons were in full swing with rain coming at any time and usually accompanied by lightning. The rain offered a respite from the oppressing heat and humidity.

We left Singapore after nine days and headed up the Malacca Strait. We had to dodge dozens of anchored ships on one side and a steady stream of underway ships on the other side during a drenching rain with lightning all around us. This was not a relaxing cruise! We anchored each night to avoid the unlit fishing nets that the locals place just outside the shipping lanes and arrived three days later in Port Dickson, Malaysia, where we checked into the country.

In Port Dickson we tied up the Admiral Marina where we met up with five boats from our Indonesia rally. The evenings were spent at bars and restaurants retelling old sea tales and tasting the local beers. Our next stop was Port Klang which is the twelfth largest shipping port in the world. Then we day-hopped up the coast to Pangkor Marina Island where we have decided to leave the boat for two months while we travel back to the States for Christmas. We will be spending the next year in Southeast Asia doing extensive land travel, boat haul out, and even some cruising.


Leaving Indonesia

Arriving in Singapore and the OneDegree16 Marina

The Flower Domes at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Sights

Traveling up the Malacca Strait


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