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Catching Up…

May 24, 2017

We apologize for not having posted in the last six months, but we’ve been working on the boat and that’s a lot less exciting than cruising. The boat has been in Boat Lagoon marina since November when we arrived in Phuket, Thailand. Boat Lagoon is a wonderful place to stay while doing boat projects with its five chandleries, numerous service shops, amazing craftsmen, huge swimming pool, and lots of restaurants all within walking distance.

We made our annual Christmas trip back to Campbell and enjoyed catching up with family and friends. Sandie ended up having her second knee replacement two days after Christmas and spent two months recuperating while Brian returned to Phuket.

The biggest boat project was to design and build a hard dodger and bimini to replace their canvas predecessors. After receiving bids we chose Nai of Phuket Inter Wood Work to manage the project even though she had a two month backlog. She and her team have an outstanding reputation and it was worth the wait. First, she built a foam core mockup of the dodger on the boat and then removed it to her work area where it was fiber glassed, fared, and painted along with the bimini. It took a team of 18 workers to lift each unit over the marina gate and onto our boat for final installation. We have since added rain & shade canvas to the bimini and we are extremely pleased with the final product.

The time here has been well spent and we have accomplished a number of lesser boat projects. The ham radio is fixed, we have resolve the illusive engine problem that plagued us for 6 months, the rigging has been checked, the sails mended, saloon and cockpit cushions re-upholstered, varnish redone, stove rebuilt, and dozens of other nuisances fixed.

Thailand has a restrictive visa policy and it was necessary to make a couple of “visa runs” outside the country.  Brian spent four days in historic Georgetown on Penang Island, Malaysia, while renewing his visa. The beautiful sites and tasty food were as appreciated as the time away from working on the boat. The two of us traveled to Myanmar for a quick turnaround visa stamp.

We did find time to have some fun in Phuket. We visited the Sunday market, celebrated Chinese New Year, had an enchanting wedding anniversary dinner, and whooped it up during the Songkran festival for the Thai new year. Songkran is also known as the “water festival” because people spend the entire day soaking each other with ice water. We celebrated Songkran with a crazy day on Bangla Road, Patong Beach, which is famous for beer bars and escorts. There was as much alcohol flowing as ice water. We were soaking wet in the first few minutes and pruny by the end of the day.

We spend every afternoon at the pool, every Friday night eating free hamburgers with friends at the Lagoon Saloon, and the marina hosts a monthly “Beats & Bites” event with food venders and entertainment along the boardwalk. We have made many new friends and caught up with a few old ones so we do have a bit of a social life.

The marina is undergoing an upgrade to be able to handle mega-yachts up to 120 tons.  We have been listening to the sound of jack hammers, pile drivers, and dredges for the last two months. That we will not miss!

The last of our projects are winding down and we hope to leave Boat Lagoon next week.  We will head down to Langkawi, Malaysia, where we will leave the boat and do some much-deserved land travel to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Boat Lagoon Marina


Hard Dodger/Bimini Project




Visa Runs to Penang & Myanmar


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