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Turkey at Last!

April 5, 2018

After several days of delays Persephone was loaded aboard the cargo ship Annegret and is currently on its way to Fethiye, Turkey. We took a couple of days to relax in Phuket while we made our travel plans to fly to Istanbul.

Our connecting flight took us through the new Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar, which was spookily devoid of people. We went on-line to learn that Qatar was being boycotted by its Arab neighbors because of its ties to terror organizations and had banned all flights through Qatar. Maybe that’s why the flights were so cheap!

We spent several days in Istanbul in the Golden Horn and within walking distance to the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, Haghia Sophia, and the Basilica Cisterns. We took a freezing boat trip up the Bosphorus Straits but were unable to reach the Black Sea because of heavy fog. We were immediately thrilled with the Turkish food but suffered thermal shock from the freezing weather.

Next, we flew to Gocek to check out some marinas. It’s a beautiful town with great marinas but lacked big stores to re-provision Persephone so we moved on to Fethiye where we found good marinas and stores.

With that settled we hired a car and headed east using backroads wherever possible. The weather was much more temperate than Istanbul and valleys were filled with blossoms and wildflowers while snow still lingered in the mountains. We fell in love with the little coastal town of Kas where our hotel room overlooked the town and the Mediterranean Sea. We kicked back for two days and enjoyed the town square where the locals meet at night and the kids play.

We spent several days based in Antalya while we visited ancient ruins, mostly inspired by the Roman occupation 2000 years ago. Perge was impressive with its planned city layout with theater, stadium, baths, gymnasium, market, and fountains. Aspendos has one of the best-preserved theaters that seats 12,000 and is still in use today. We hiked up to the ruins of Termessos situated high in the mountains and so inaccessible that Alexander the Great decided to not try and conquer it. We spent an afternoon at the Antalya Archeological Museum with its incredible collection of artifacts from the various sites.

We are back in Fethiye awaiting the arrival of our boat which has slipped to April 7. Our first couple of weeks in Turkey have been great and we are looking forward to cruising its western coast.

Persephone being loaded aboard the Annegret




Travelling the backroads


Ancient city of Perge


Aspendos and Termessos


Antalya Archeological Museum


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