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Atlantic Crossing

January 16, 2020

Our departure from the Canary Islands was delayed a week by bad weather. On the plus side, a large concert venue was erected 100 yards from our boat and we enjoyed an evening with Spanish singer Raphael and an afternoon of Christmas entertainment for all the children on the island of Tenerife. The city of Santa Cruz put up their Christmas decorations and there was something happening every day. We continued to plan for our crossing (it is possible to over-plan), dinned out, and did jigsaw puzzles to pass the time. Finally, we set sail on December 20.

Our crossing consisted of 18 days of light winds finishing with 5 days of brisk trade winds with breaking seas. Highlights included whale sightings and, of course, dolphins. Our only failure on the boat was when the boom vang broke one week out, but that was only a minor inconvenience. Christmas and New Years passed with little recognition.

We made landfall on Union Island in the Grenadines on January 12. We learned that there was a large high-pressure area out in the Atlantic that was causing unusually high winds and dangerous sea conditions. This explained why the tradewinds had seemed a little feistier than expected.

We celebrated our arrival at Sparrow’s on the north side of Union Island where we relaxed in lounge chairs on the beach, drank rummy drinks, and ate dinner while watching the sun set.

Our next stop was Tobago Cays where we hoped to revisit some dive sites from 25 years ago. But the Atlantic high was still in full force and we had to seek shelter from 30 knot winds in the lee of Mayreau Island. From there we headed north to Bequia where we anchored this afternoon. Here we plan to have the boom vang repaired and attend to some minor boat projects. The weather is expected to die down and we might be able to get some scuba diving in.

Santa Cruz prior to departure


Atlantic Crossing


Arrival at Union Island

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