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Back in the USA

August 15, 2020

We are finally reunited with our boat Persephone. It took three months for her to be shipped from the US Virgin Islands to Vancouver, Canada, with a two-month layover in Florida. Unfortunately, she arrived with some cosmetic damage that we hope to have fixed in the next month.

We spent three months in COVID lockdown with our daughter at her house in San Jose while waiting for the boat. We enjoyed our time visiting our kids and grandkids and eating way too much.

We were denied entry into Canada to retrieve our boat that was scheduled to be unloaded in Victoria, BC. We arranged with a Canadian skipper to receive the boat and put it into a marina in Victoria. We then arrange with another Canadian skipper to bring the boat across the border to Roche Harbor where we met him at the dock. He immediately stepped into his dinghy that he had been towing and sped back to Canada. We had checked with Customs and the Coast Guard as to the legality of such a delivery and they said that it was being allowed since there are so many US boats stranded in Canada.

After a few days of intense cleaning Persephone was ready for cruising and we were comfortably settled into our home. The cooler weather has taken a bit of getting used to, but the beauty of the San Juan Islands is breathtaking. The forested islands, snowcapped mountains, protected anchorages, sea otters, orcas, crabbing and oysters are a pleasant change to life in the tropics. But did I mention that it is cooler here.

Our plan to circumnavigate Vancouver Island this summer is cancelled due to the border closing and we will limit our travels to the San Juans and possibly Puget Sound. With luck, the border will be open next year and we can cruise up to Alaska.

Time in San Jose


San Juan Islands

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