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Off to Alaska

June 14, 2021

We have spent the last ten months living in an RV while looking for a house to buy. Then we learned that it was possible for pleasure boats to transit Canadian waters to get to Alaska as long as strict Covid rules are obeyed. We headed north to Bellingham, WA, on May 10 to get the boat ready only to learn that evening that an offer we had made on a house was accepted. We now own a home and we are headed for Alaska.

Our boat preparations included replacing the steering, putting on new anchor chain, lightly sanding the CopperCoat bottom, and a hundred other lesser tasks. We launched on May 28 and spent three days cleaning and provisioning before heading to Canada on Memorial Day.

Our first stop was Nanaimo on Vancouver Island where we were checked into the country and reminded that we must take the shortest route to Alaska and not leave the boat except to re-fuel. In other words, we must quarantine on the boat. Our transit plan included 10 overnight anchorages spaced 50 to 70 miles apart. We did put into Port Hardy for fuel, otherwise we didn’t interact with anyone else for the entire trip.

The weather was about what we expected with hot days, cold days, wind, no wind, rain, fog, and clear skies. This is Canada after all. We waited out a weather front before rounding Cape Caution in rolly seas on a gray day. We really appreciated our hard dodger and bimini that kept us dry and less cold.

The scenery was stunning as we navigated our way up the Inland Passage. We saw an orca, sea otters, bald eagles, and countless water falls. We lowered our Canadian and quarantine flags as we entered Alaska on June 10, one day longer than our transit plan. We are currently in Bar Harbor, Ketchikan, awaiting the arrival of friends that will join us on the trip up to Juneau.





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  1. Michael McCleery permalink

    I think I recognized Lacy Falls in your pictures. Jan and I arrived at Kris and Bryan’s house in Colorado last night. Our anniversary celebration was the best with great catering, an entertaining bagpipe player and perfect weather. We rented an incredible Winnebago Revel RV that fit into a normal parking space in places like Bryce Canyon. It was a tight fit for Jan and I and Shelby. Shelby slept between the front seats, but couldn’t turn around. We bumped our heads, spilled stuff and took two days to learn the RV. It employs solar panels, Li ion batteries, induction electric stove and diesel heater. The house batteries never discharged, even with AC going. The 49” wide bed actually worked for us. Now Jan wants to buy one but Revels are terribly expensive and we don’t know anyone, other than Kris and Bryan that like to boondock in remote places. We will return the RV to Rancho Mirage via New Mexico and Arizona by June 25th and head home to Discovery Bay. Mike

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