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Enjoying Croatia with Friends

October 1, 2018

Our friends Mike and Jan joined us in Split on September 15. We were fortunate to get a weekend berth in Trogir because that is when the charter boats return to their marinas filling them to capacity. From there it was a short drive to the airport where we picked them up and headed north to Plitvice Lakes National Park. Our hotel was inside the park and only a short walk to where the shuttle boat took us across the lake to the trail head. A log pathway led us through lush greenery and dozens of waterfalls. The weather was pleasantly cool due to the elevation and seasonal change.

We left Plitvice and drove directly to Krka National Park to view the majestic waterfalls and swim in the river. We arrived back at the boat in the early evening and walked into Old Town Trogir for dinner before collapsing in bed, totally exhausted.

The next morning, we took the water taxi into Split where we explored the city and took a tour of the Palace of Diocletian. Sandie was thrilled to see where scenes from Game of Thrones were shot.

Our first stop with the boat was the city of Hvar where we anchored at one of the outer islands with a line ashore and took the dinghy in. We climbed the steep hill to the fort that overlooks the harbor and strolled along the waterfront.

We revisited Korcula Town with its ascending alleyways and dined along the waterfront while viewing the mountains on the Peljesac Peninsula. Korcula is our favorite city destination next to Dubrovnik and it never fails to impress.

While in route we were visited by a pod of dolphins that took time out from their feeding to play in our bow wave. We also caught two dorados, our first fish catch in the Med. We are still looking for the fabled blue fin tuna that used to be abundant here.

We anchored by Polace in Mljet National Park in a beautiful tranquil bay surrounded by mountains. We hiked through the park and visited the two saltwater lakes, including a boat trip to the Benedictine monastery perched on an islet.

Our last stop was the bay at Saplunara on the east tip of Mljet. We took a mooring and swam into the beach which turned out to be a sandy beach; the first we’ve seen in the Med (most are gravel or stones). That night the women dressed up and we went ashore for a delicious meal of lamb stew.

A strong bora wind from the north was predicted so we headed into Dubrovnik a day ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, the seas were already up and the trip was less than pleasant. Within hours of securing the boat in the marina the winds struck reaching gusts of 65 kts. We spent the next 36 hours on the boat playing bridge while dressed in our winter cloths. Summer disappeared in an instant and autumn arrived with a roar.

On the third day the winds abated enough to visit Old Town Dubrovnik and walk its walls. We had dinner at an outdoor restaurant that provided blankets, but the cold drove us inside and we took our blankets with us. The following morning our friends departed for the airport leaving us to shiver alone. It was great fun having them on board and look forward to their next visit.

We planned to check out of Croatia the following morning but arrived at the customs dock to find that a large cruise ship had to be processed before they could clear us. We decided not to wait and headed down the coast to the quaint town of Cavat where we cleared in a few minutes.

We are currently in a marina in Budva, Montenegro, where we plan to keep the boat for several weeks while Sandie makes a quick trip to the States to visit family. Budva is rapidly turning from a tourist destination into a sleepy little town as the weather chills. Winter doesn’t feel that far off!

Plitvice and Krka National Parks


Split and Mljet


Dubrovnik and Hvar




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